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Standing Committees

Standing committee chairpersons are appointed by the Executive Board to serve in that capacity for a period of one year.

  • Rules Committee

    The rules committee manages the election process in a manner that encourages maximum participation of all members of the association and in accordance with our constitution. The rules committee also receives recommendations for changes to the constitution and ensures that changes are reviewed, voted on, and properly recorded.

  • Social Committee

    The social committee plans social activities that promote networking and informal interactions with association members and other constituencies. This committee coordinates at least one social engagement per semester as well as the Annual Holiday Party.

  • Program Committee

    The program committee works to develop programs that are educational, cultural, and informative for the association. Programs may also be for professional development or community service based.

  • Membership Committee

    The membership committee is responsible for the recruitment of new members to the association by initiating contact with new Black faculty and staff and representing the association at events where potential members may attend.

  • Outreach Committee

    The outreach committee serves as the liaison for constituencies outside of the association including student organizations, other affinity groups, professional associations or groups, and community partners. This committee is responsible for coordinating the Annual Student Thanksgiving Dinner.

  • Finance Committee

    The finance committee is responsible for coordinating one association fundraising event per semester. This committee also manages all aspects of the Wilbert D. Davis Jr. Scholarship.

  • Media Committee

    The media chair is responsible for all forms of communication and technology including the associations’ web presence, social networking, radio, television and print media.